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Anne Moilanen

Anne Moilanen opiskeli Oxfordin yliopistossa lukuvuoden 2015 - 2016.

In her last video blog, journalist Anne Moilanen is presenting her research on political scandals in Finland and in the UK at the University of Oxford, where she has been studying the academic year 2015–2016. She is also participating a grill party at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and interviewing her fellow …

”That’s the point of trolling, that you can never tell for sure, if it is an actual person or not, if you don’t know him or her personally”, says a Finnish investigative journalist Jessikka Aro. In a videoblog by Anne Moilanen (Oxford HotCat), Jessikka Aro describes Russian information propaganda, such as trolling. Filmed in London, May …

Scotch whisky (yes, whisky without an “e”, whiskey is Irish) is a national theme of pride for Britons. In Edinburgh, Scotland, they even organize tours about how to drink Scotch properly. Anne Moilanen, a Journalist Fellow at the Oxford University, went to the tour and made a video blog about the beginner’s experience. Cheers!

After giving a speech in Oxford, Gloria Steinem had some time to meet people. Anne Moilanen gathered her courage and went to talk with Steinem. This video blog contains some advise to feminists – how to keep up the fight:

Feminist Gloria Steinem, 81, visited Oxford on February 2016 and gave a wonderful speech. She spoke at the Oxford Union, which is a club that only Oxford University students may join. Oxford Union gets top speakers from all over the world, American journalist, author and iconic feminist Gloria Steinem being one of them.